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Clélia Guilbot maquilleuse coiffeuse formatrice Toulon var

I am Clélia, makeup artist since 2008 (graduated at Sophie Lecomte and Metamorphoses) and hairdresser since 2012 (CAP Pigier creation).

I oriented myself from high school in the artistic world by choosing a history of the arts sector, and it was during the same period that I discovered the profession of make-up artist thanks to my reading (thank you, manga generation, more particularly the sagas "among them” and “complex”).

No luck, according to my guidance counselor at the time, this profession does not exist… We are at the beginning of the internet era, so I conduct my research alone and find my first make-up school.

19 years old and my baccalaureate in art history in my pocket, I'm embarking on the adventure! The sauce takes and I became addicted!

In 10 years, my profession and my vision of it have evolved enormously, I have chosen to specialize in the beauty of individuals, to sublimate my brides and to accompany my clients in beauty studio or self-help courses. makeup.

My years of work with Priscilla G Photographer ESTIM, lead me to question myself and to develop tools and processes in order to better understand my clients, to offer them beauty treatments adapted to their morphology, their colorimetry and especially to their ideas. and expectations.

Since 2019, I have been supporting and training professionals and individuals in my profession and my way of working.

Mes années de travail avec Priscilla G Photographe ESTIM, m'amènent à me questionner et à développer des outils et des process afin de mieux comprendre mes clientes, pour leur proposer des mises en beauté adaptées à leur morphologie, leur colorimétrie et surtout à leurs univers et attentes.

Depuis 2019 , j'accompagne et forme des professionnels et des particuliers à mon métier et ma manière de travailler.

Vous pouvez découvrir le Workshop ESTIM une formation pour développer votre approche de la photographie thérapeutique et les formations

maquillage mariée et ESTIM mettre sa cliente en valeur pour les professionnel·le·s de la mise en beauté.

Et voilà, nous avons fait un petit tour de qui je suis,

maintenant j'ai hâte de vous découvrir!

Clélia Guilbot formatrice maquilleuse coiffeuse toulon var
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